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IEA began as a commercial contractor supporting prime contractors such as Motorola, Sterling Software, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman in the area of capture and proposal management.

IEA offers its commercial clients complete proposal development solutions for the aerospace, defense, homeland security, construction, telecom, and IT industries. We have a proven track record of successfully leading clients step-by-step through the complex and tangled procurement process to improve their win ratio on competitive procurements and reduce proposal development costs.

We do it all by streamlining the entire proposal process through hands-on mentoring, while offering the most competitive rates in the industry. Much of our work is performed on-site to earn client confidence, anticipate roadblocks, respond to client requests, and assure complete customer satisfaction—delivering world-class proposals on time and within budget.

IEA has assisted clients on over 50 proposal efforts ranging in size from $3 million to more than $850 million. Our success ratio exceeds 75 percent, and our billing rates are well below competition. Our team brings several “value-add” capabilities such as customer/competitive intelligence on most pursuits and a unique software tool for IMP/IMS development that is second to none.

Below are some of the services and workshops offered by IEA:

  • • Proposal Management
  • • Integrated Master Planning (IMP)
  • • Integrated Master Scheduling (IMS))
  • • Process Improvement Plans
  • • Process Analysis
  • • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • • Win Strategy Development (Blue Team)
  • • Capture Planning and Support
  • • Pre-proposal Planning
  • • Competitive and Customer Analysis (Black
  • • JIT Proposal Workshops
  • • Oral Coaching
  • • Team Building Strategies
  • • Customized tools
  • • Requirement Database Support
  • • Proposal Graphics and Document Design
  • • Executive Summary Preparation
  • • Pink/Red Team Leadership and Support