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IEA provides training solutions and strategic consulting services to many Federal clients and commercial clients. Our proven history and high rate of customer satisfaction in providing professional and technical services in very dynamic environments has positioned IEA to provide similar services with a unique corporate vision that will provide significant added value. IEA was awarded the GSA MOBIS schedule in 2005 with 30+ training seminars and workshops. IEA is leading the professional training of all Air Force program and project managers on the AFTAS contract and also processes the FAA’s eFAST contract vehicle. We provide multiple training seminars and workshops for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as well as proposal workshops for our commercial clients.

Our associates have extensive experience, specialized training, and specific task knowledge to achieve success with assigned task. Thorough and careful communication with our client provides us the ability to tailor our products and services. This customized approach helps us assist our clients in meeting measurable improvements in productivity and process efficiency. Our approach combines our functional expertise with customer’s requirements to fashion a solution that will ultimately result in superior customer satisfaction

IEA offers commercially-available off-the-shelf training, instructor-led educational courses (i.e., traditional classroom setting or conference/seminar), and web-based courses (i.e., internet/intranet, software packages and computer applications). Our courses include a defined course title, length of time (i.e., hours, days, semesters, etc.), description of material to be taught (i.e., syllabi, table of contents, etc.), and list of included materials (i.e., books, pamphlets, software, etc.). Our subject matter experts (SMEs) research, develop, and deliver course and training curriculum, training exercises, instructional products, and educational videos.

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