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Technical Writing/Editing, Desktop Publishing, and Graphics Support

IEA provides technical writing/editing, desktop publishing, and graphics support services to both commercial and Federal Government clients. Under this umbrella of services, our expert consultants provide the highest level of communications expertise. We have experience developing marketing material, web content, press releases, user guides, employee manuals, Government and commercial proposals, and other technical documentation.

Every profession has its own specialized style of writing, including its own verbiage and jargon, and a technical writer functions as the intermediary between those who possess the specialized knowledge and those who do not. Technical communicators write, design, and edit manuals, reports, proposals, web pages, newsletters, and other professional documents.

Desktop publishers create professional-looking documents on computer layout software to produce publishing content. The role of a desktop publisher may include word processing, typesetting, layout design, and other essential functions to create a professional, polished end product.

Graphic designers assemble images, typography, and motion graphics to create a visual. The resulting graphics are used for published, printed, or electronic media—for example, in brochures, advertisements, websites, or professional documents. In addition, graphic designers understand production and rendering methods. Technologies and methods of production may include drawing, offset printing, photography, and time-based and interactive media such as film or Flash-based media.

IEA originally began as a proposal management company and provided technical writers, desktop publishers, and graphic artists to commercial clients. In one example, IEA personnel provided document management and design, technical writing and editing, and graphics support to Kelly Government Solutions (KGS) on a technically challenging document preparation task. KGS, as the incumbent contractor at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was in a re-compete for a more than 1,300-person contract. Our team advised KGS on document layout, formatting, use of style guides, configuration management and version control, graphics development and placement, overall quality control, technical writing and editing, pre-press checks, production, and final productivity.

We were responsible for taking generic business process narrative and tailoring the text to meet the requirements of the NIH initiative. More than 200 pages of text were drafted by IEA personnel with 100 illustrations incorporated. All documents were created and produced using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Adobe Creative Suite for graphics development. IEA personnel provided sample style guides and customized a style guide and formatting template for Kelly and their subcontractors to use in developing their documents.

Overall, more than 500 pages were developed, edited, and delivered to the KGS customer. We delivered multiple copies of the original document, to include multiple CDs. The entire task was completed on time and with complete customer satisfaction, and the contract was awarded to KGS.

IEA also provides writing, editing, desktop publishing, and graphics design services to Federal customers. For example, IEA is currently engaged by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to assist the license renewal of nuclear reactors across the United States. IEA provides document layout, assembly, formatting, and technical editing services to assist in the preparation of supplemental environmental impact statements (SEIS) and safety evaluation reports (SER) for such nuclear plants as the Columbia Generating Station outside of Richland, Washington, and the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in Seabrook, New Hampshire.

Using the style guides provided by NRC, IEA generates electronic copies for easy accessibility, archives documents, embeds fonts; updates/deletes metadata, and designates web-enabled (electronic) bookmarks for navigation. We are responsible for editing each application and producing production-ready documentation by overseeing the layout, assembly, formatting, and version control.

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