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Event Planning and Management

Event Management is the application of project management tools and techniques to creating and developing meetings, conferences, and other events. It involves a strong understanding of the organization’s brand, target audience, and overall concept of each event. Post-event analysis and a positive return on investment have become significant drivers for the event industry.

The recent growth of conferences and events as an industry in the Federal marketplace means that management can no longer be ad hoc. Meetings, conferences, and events—such as the G8 Summit, Air Force’s Services Acquisition Leadership Forum, and Veterans Affairs’ strategic planning meetings—have a large impact on those they serve and, in some cases, the whole country.

Event managers are trained to find and negotiate ideal locations to accommodate an organization’s needs while maintaining cost efficiency. Managers are equipped to locate hotel accommodations and provide valuable information on travel, eateries, and attractions based on the venue location in order to provide attendees with the most enjoyable experience possible.

IEA services a variety of areas and customers with support, including corporate events (product launches, press conferences, corporate meetings and conferences) and marketing programs (road shows, grand opening events). Meeting services are your one-stop shop for executive-level conference services, and we offer comprehensive meeting planning to meet your specific needs.

For the U.S. Air Force, IEA performed event planning and management services in support of more than 15 Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition (SAF/AQ) forums a year. These forums are held at various locations across the continental U.S. (CONUS), and each one includes up to 300 participants. IEA made all the logistics arrangements, including the scheduling of special guest speakers, and acted as the sole point of contact with the hotel/venue. We arranged all conference materials such as lanyards, books, nametags, and welcome folders. To ensure that the SAF/AQ forums ran smoothly and met all program requirements, IEA provided clerical support personnel to handle all logistical and administrative details. The primary duties of these employees included preparing documents, editing, and proofreading; desktop publishing; making room reservations; scheduling speakers; word processing with the Microsoft® Office suite of software; managing a large FedEx account for shipping materials around the world; drafting, editing, and typing correspondence; and performing a variety of office support functions.

Similarly, for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), IEA employees are responsible for planning conferences, meetings, and training sessions and making all of the necessary arrangements, including researching site locations, determining availability of facilities, providing on-site meeting and registration services, and overseeing all communication with event attendees.

Communication is an especially important aspect of IEA’s role within the VA. With so many working parts, the event planner is responsible for communicating between meeting leads, hotel managers, and key decision makers within the office. Our planners know the importance of anticipating the needs of the customer and paying great attention to detail so that important aspects of a meeting are never forgotten. Communicating with the customer and understanding their needs are key facets to IEA’s work on this contract.

Info Sheet for Event Planning, Management, and Support

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