Corporate Overview

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Corporate Overview

IEA provides the resources and business systems necessary to deliver superior performance to our customers. Our management team closely monitors contract performance to ensure that the financial and contractual obligations of every program are being met. This level of oversight also provides assurance to our customers that corporate management is knowledgeable of, and immediately available to help resolve, any operational challenges.

With a significant line of credit, IEA maintains and provides the financial resources and operational funding necessary to support our programs. Our fiscal stability and financial management/business systems assure that payroll, accounts payable, invoicing, and budgetary reporting requirements are accomplished, as required and without fail, and we use electronic timesheets to manage employees nationwide. IEA’s corporate HR programs are centrally located and locally administered to ensure personnel administration continuity. Our Director of Operations develops and administers benefit plans to meet our obligations to our employees regarding health and welfare requirements.

Corporate management provides additional support services to our onsite teams in the areas of law, contract management, marketing, recruiting, and IT. This corporate support and oversight guarantees that the highest quality of operations and services are consistently made available to all of our customers, both commercial and Federal.

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